Notice: Starting June 1, 2019 we are accepting applications for 3 bedroom apartments! Click here for more information.

Public Housing Program

The Housing Authority of the City of Slidell (HACS) was established pursuant to the U. S. Housing Act of 1937, as amended, to provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing to low-income families. The SHA manages two affordable sites, which is Washington Heights, comprised of seventy-five (75) one, two and three bedroom units. The other site is Country Gardens Estates located on Gwen Drive. This site is for elderly families only. You must be 65 years or older to reside in this development. There are fifty (50) one-bedroom units. Three units are handicapped accessible.

Waiting List for Public Housing

Effective April 2018, HACS will only be taking applications electronically. That will be the only means of submitting applications. SHA does have a working local preference policy; as well as giving a preference to Slidell residents. That is, priority is given to heads of household, who are working and families that reside in Slidell upon making application. The only families exempt from these approved preferences are elderly and disabled. This does not prevent other families from applying; it simply means that the preference families, elderly and disabled will be processed as a priority.

To submit an application you must bring originals and copies of the following:

  • Birth certificates - all household family members
  • Social security cards - all household family members
  • Custody papers, such as court awards, foster care judgments, etc., if appropriate
  • Photo identifications for all household members over the age of 17
  • If any family member is 18 years and older and a student, you must bring evidence of student status
  • Child-care expenses for children while the head of household is at work or in school
  • Name, address and telephone number of employer
  • Four (4) current check stubs
  • Source of income

The original of these documents will be returned to you; however, we will maintain the copies with your application. The SHA does not make copies.

HACS has a NO-SMOKING POLICY that applies to your household and guest. Smoking is prohibited not only in the units, but on the grounds of the complex. This policy is strictly enforced by management.

HACS also has a NO PET POLICY at the family complex. Small dogs and cats are allowed at the elderly site. Also a non-refundable pet fee is required by residents of Country Gardens who are desirous of owning a small pet.